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1. Do I need to pay for the freecounters?
No! The freecounter will always be free for everyone!

2. My counter is showing the same number all the time!
If your freecounter always displays the same number, the code might be corrupt due to changes you might have made to your page using your HTML editor, such as Netscape Composer. Please get a fresh copy of the websitecounterfree HTML code and then reinsert it on your page.

 3. Does the freecounter count my own visits to my site?
The free counter measures how many times the websitecounterfree HTML code has loaded on your page. This means the counter will register your own hits as well.

4. What if my site has multiple pages and I want to know how many hits each page receives?
You will need to register separate accounts for each page. Don't worry, you can get as many counters as you want for free.

5. I want to cancel my freesitecounter
To cancel your websitecounterfree , simply remove code from your site.